Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Coraline Full Trailer

The official full length trailer of Coraline, upcoming animated movie directed by Henry Selick with the help of his marvelous team, has been released:

They are some doors that should never be opened!


The movie Coraline is a mix of old-school stop motion and of CGI. The result is an awesome animated movie that really conveys the original spirit of Neil gaiman's children novel.


Anonymous said...

"a mix of old-school stop motion and of CGI. "

It's not, actually. It's just stop motion.

They thought of using CGI, but didn't like how it looked, so they went pure stop motion.

It is filmed in 3D though, which perhaps is why people keep thinking it must have CGI.

Meredith said...

I thought maybe it was based on the Gaiman book when I saw the trailer in the theatre, but when they say written for the screen by the other director it's confusing.

Michael said...

Its always a bit of a shock when you go from written story to film story. I can see from the trailer that there may be some new twists to the plot and some alterations to some characters. So be it. This is what art is all about. I can't wait to go and see it with my grandson.

Blue Moon Child said...

I read the book nearly 8 years ago and finally a movie has come out! i can't wait to see it!